Dunne Group Members

Current PhD students:

Robert Dabrowski

Anees Ahmed

Perry Hatchfield

Former students:

Cesim Dumlu: PhD 2012; now Marie Curie Fellow, METU, Turkey

Gokce Basar: PhD 2011; then postdoc at Stony Brook; currently postdoc at Maryland

Adolfo Huet: PhD 2010: then postdoc Michoacan Univ (Mexico); now Faculty, UNAM, Queretaro, Mexico

Marek Krasnansky: PhD 2007: Associate Professor, West Virginia State University

Cory Merow: MS 2006; Research Scientist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

Kumar Rao: PhD 2003; now Faculty, IIRES India

Ted Hall: PhD 1998; Staff Scientist, Lincoln Labs (MIT); now at Quantlab.com (Boston)

Former Postdocs:

Shinsuke Nishigaki: now Associate Professor, Shimane University, Japan

Qing-hai Wang: now Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore

Vishesh Khemani: now Software Engineer at Google